Morrison De Boer The man who delivers relentless grunts at the age of 18 but with the voice of an ancient monster. Although he is  inspired by bands like Slaughter to Prevail and Cattle Decapitation it is still hard to believe that he can already produce such sounds. Unlike his age, Morrison is a really kind person. A really kind person that sounds like a gurgling gargoyle.

Lars Deelman The lead guitarist and our oldest member at the age of 20. He is a founding member and formed the band at the end of 2016. Lars used to shred along and listen to a lot of symphonic metal bands such as Symphony X and Rhapsody Of Fire. Luckily for us his influences have changed to bands like Thy Art Is Murder, Gojira and Behemoth, which lead him to do what he does in Inferum today. He may not be the prettiest, but the guy sure knows how to play guitar.

Ozzy Voskuilen Joining Inferum in late 2016,  Ozzy completed the line-up as rhythm guitarist. At age 20  he cranks up the average age of the band a bit.  Being the prog-snob of the band he mostly listens to Car Bomb, Tool and Meshuggah. With both the appearance and behavior of a sloth, chances are high you’ll see this guy dangling from a tree branch. If he is not too lazy to climb in the tree that is.

Stan Albers Ever heard of the stereotype that bassists are lazy? That all they do is produce bass slides? Well, it’s kinda true, but that doesn’t make Stan any less of an addition to Inferum. Besides bass slides he also plays a big role in the tight rhythm section of Inferum. At 18 years of age he already has the appearance of a vicious Viking, this mostly due to his love for Amon Amarth and Slipknot. Despite his ravaging appearance on stage he is one of most laidback guys you could ever meet. When he isn’t plundering villages or raping your wives, he can be found enjoying some sweet Bob Marley.

Wouter Macare As our drummer,  Wouter is the main component for our rhythm section. Based on his skillset you wouldn’t say that he is just 18 years old. To actually play those rhythms he listens to a lot of fusion inspired bands like Textures and Exivious. Just like Lars he can be found enjoying power metal, especially in the form of Wintersun. When he is not playing drums, this energetic monkey is doing parkour or loving nature.

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