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Inferum is a Mechanical Death Metal band from Eindhoven The Netherlands. With an average age of 19 years the band has a very young line-up of musicians. All 5 members study at the “Metal Factory” @ Dynamo, Eindhoven The Netherlands.

Inferum combines heavy, progressive groove riffs with brutal vocals in a way that sounds almost mechanically tight. The band only exists for a little over six months and they already have an average of at least 18 shows a year across the country.

Inferum has already won some prestigious prizes, including the dutch “Metal Battle” 2017 edition including the public award and the Wacken Metal Battle 2017 which means that Inferum will represent the Dutch metal scene at Wacken.

                                         Inferum is currently completing their EP “Modern Massacre” which will appear on August 18th, 2017 as a self-release. This will be celebrated with the “Modern Massacre” release show as the band will be supporting “Cryptopsy” at Patronaat Haarlem The Netherlands.


Morrison de Boer – Vocals
Lars Deelman – Lead Guitar
Ozzy Voskuilen – Rhythm Guitar
Stan Albers – Bass
Wouter Macare – Drums